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Pawn Stars is an American reality television series that premiered on History on July 19, The descriptions of the items listed in this article reflect those given by their sellers and others in the episodes prior to their appraisal by experts as to their authenticity, unless otherwise noted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. March The same site also gives the s as the date of the lunchbox, which is clearly an error, as the seller in the episode explicitly said it was from , which is in line with when The Rat Patrol originally aired on ABC. Title cards seen in the episode indicate the home movie is dated ” or later”, but is given as the closing end of the range in this article, since that is when President Franklin Roosevelt died.

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Made from high-quality enamel wood, unpainted and wax-free, a very smooth rolling handle with a very smooth feel. The product is smooth, the dough will not stick to the rolling pin, only need to roll to make a lot of biscuits, easy to operate, easy to clean. Deep-engraved prints make biscuits, pizza, Christmas sleigh patterns, dinosaur patterns, car stars and other cookies very attractive to children.

Even our year-old tester came to prefer them. (If you really want a handled pin​, we did test a few.) The hand-finished Whetstone, a tapered.

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. A collection of vintage rolling pins, various sizes, one or two handles absent. Two pieces Pountney and Co Bristol porcelain kitchenware. Including green porcelain tray; and rolling pin, with wooden handles. Green rolling pin.

A large carved colonial wooden rolling pin embossed ‘Australia’ and a large wooden pastry crimper, Australian, 19th century, the rolling pin 51 cm. A pair of early timber butter pats and two timber rolling pins. Victorian Beech rolling pin. A very rare and large huon pine rolling pin, Tasmanian, 19th century. A blackwood and whalebone rolling pin, circa , Length 46 cm. Learn about Rolling Pin Rolling pins are used to shape and flatten dough and most functional rolling pins were made of wood, but glass, ceramic, stainless steel, marble and plastic examples have also been made.

The collectable type of rolling pins were made in brightly coloured glass by Nailsea and other manufacturers, especially in opaque white, purple and blue. They were sold at markets and fairs, often painted with amorous pledges or as holiday souvenirs, and were probably never used for rolling dough.

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There are a number of clues you can use to successfully date antique and vintage brooches and pins. This usually begins with looking at things like clasps and hinges, since certain types are known to have been used during specific periods in time. In addition to examining the components and findings, you’ll want to look at the overall style, examine for signs of repair, and use a jeweler’s loupe to locate any identifying marks present as you’re dating jewelry.

Antiques & Collectibles for sale, Search: Rolling Pins, Item Type: Vintage. Baribo Maid Rolling Pin Red Handles Wooden Vintage Baribocraft Kitchen Baking.

Determining the exact age of any piece of antique furniture can be challenging. Depending on information provided by the piece itself, you may be able to come within a few years of dating it or may have to settle for a span of 50 years or longer. A wide variety of resources can help you come close to dating an antique roll-top desk.

Take a thorough set of measurements for your desk, including height, depth and width of both the bottom desk and the tambour, or roll-top. Perfectly symmetrical measurements are a clue that your desk was factory- rather than hand-made. Identify what kind of wood your desk is made from.

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From the last decades of the eighteenth century, right though the Regency, a vast number of decorative rolling pins were made in Britain. They were all made of glass and most were produced in the many glass works located in the area around the city of Bristol, in southwestern England. And all of those glass rolling pins were hollow.

Which is not their secret, nor was the identity of their various contents, during the Regency. Though such details may well be unknown to many people living in the twenty-first century. Despite the mundane household purpose to which these rolling pins could be put, Regency romance authors may find them an ideal, and historically authentic, symbol of love.

The origin of the rolling pin has been traced to the Etruscans by historians of cooking implements. The ancient Etruscan civilization reached its height in the ninth century, in the northern regions of the Italian peninsula.

How to Determine the Age of an Antique Roll-top Desk

For generations, home bakers have baked up their over-abundance of ripe harvest into yummy desserts. State Fair contests have passed out blue ribbons to the best tasting concoctions. This project is part of our monthly Thrifty Chicks Challenge. Our talented, creative bunch is focusing on Rolling Pins and Wood Utensils this time.

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From smoothing out sticky cookie batter to stretchy pizza dough, these powerful pins are really on a roll. Photo by: Sarah Zorn. While you can sometimes get away with using a wine bottle in a pinch, a rolling pin is really an indispensable kitchen tool; not all are made for every baking scenario. When purchasing the perfect rolling pin, first, you need to decide between a roller a classic pin with handles or a rod, which is made from a single, unbroken piece of material.

Handled pins tend to offer a bit more heft and leverage, which is good for taking on a sturdy dough, but tapered French-style or cylindrical dowels provide precision rolling on even the most delicate of pastries. They’re also generally lighter and easier to manipulate. You’ll also want to think about material: Wood is traditional and quite attractive, but dough generally sticks to it especially handled types, which have crevices where it can hide and it can never be placed in the dishwasher.

Marble and steel are ideal for butter-filled doughs that are meant to stay cold, such as puff pastry, as they can be placed in the freezer or fridge prior to use. Marble makes a real design statement in the kitchen, but it is very heavy and generally expensive. And steel is lighter and easy to clean, but it has a much more industrial aesthetic than rustic wood or marble pins. Like many professional bakers, we generally favor slim, tapered French pins for a majority of cooking tasks.

They offer excellent control when rolling, all while remaining easy on our hands and wrists. Drawn to the “American” style handled pin you likely grew up with?

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This is a great design for hand building all kinds of projects from oval dishes to magnets and anything you can imagine this design will be fantastic. The design is 10″ across this is not including the handles. Please remember to oil your pins on arrival and periodically thereafter.

How to Determine the Age of an Antique Roll-top Desk. be able to come within a few years of dating it or may have to settle for a span of 50 years or longer. Pegs are an older wood-joining technique, one that dated back to pioneers and.

We believe this rolling pin was made in either the s or s. He was a glassblower around the late s and lived in East Stroudsburg, Pa. The piece has a hole-in-one end, which I think was where a cork might be placed. Could you supply some information about it? Thanks for you help. Dear C. In more modern kitchens, rolling pins can be found made of wood, ceramic, marble, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and silicone but seldom does a glass rolling pin turn up in a drawer.

When most collectors think of glassware made in Pennsylvania, they think either of the many factories located in the Pittsburgh area or perhaps the Northwood Glass Co. Both locations are in the western part of the state Indiana is a little more central than Pittsburgh , but East Stroudsburg is located in the far northeastern portion. We suspect that if Joseph Pote made this piece, he probably did so in Pittsburgh.

Glass rolling pins were commonly made there for kitchen use, but sometimes the workers would make a special example to give as a love token to a mother or sweetheart. Many might describe the decoration on this piece as being in the style of Nailsea, an English glass house located about seven miles from Bristol. We believe this rolling pin was made in either the s or s it is hard to be more precise without a little more family history.

Glass craftsmen often made objects such as glass parade canes and long chains of glass loops to display their skills to the public.

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