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This is a two-part essay in which two mamas share the experience they and their children had dealing with and talking about racism in Singapore. The first is an account from Singaporean mama Joline Lim reflecting on how she neglected to talk to her son about race. The second is from expat mama Imelda Bonnett , who moved from Australia to Singapore, and how she experienced the pain of seeing her 4-year-old daughter subjected to racist behaviour. Below, Joline and Imelda share their personal recommendations on how parents can raise race-conscious kids. They have also created an invaluable parent toolkit with resources and information to help support your journey to dismantling racism with the next generation. We can all learn more, and we can all do better; this is a good place to start. By around age 12, children become set in their beliefs. With Singapore being a multi-racial society , it is important for children to start young when it comes to understanding diversity and inclusion , and recognise within themselves and others what racism looks and feels like. After I recovered, I told him that our family was a mix of Chinese and Indian. How my grandfather and grandmother grew up as neighbours, fell in love, and got married.

“No banglas, no maids, no uglies’: Upcoming S’pore dating app draws flak for ‘racist’ ad

Or does this simply articulate what a large proportion of Singaporean society already operates on? Of course, we have no idea who he surveyed or what exactly he asked them. But would it really be so surprising if, for every outraged Facebook comment disparaging this, there are in fact 2 or 3 people who believe that this is in fact how things should work? After all, exclusive platforms are nothing new.

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A Facebook post promoting a dating app was so explicit about its racism and discriminatory stance on foreign workers that many around the world thought it may have been fake. Herbert Eng, the founder of Singapore-based dating app HighBlood, first made waves in March when he posted on Facebook an advertisement that read: “no banglas, no maids, no uglies Like You. The first category of allegedly undesirable people is a derogatory term for Bangladeshi workers in Singapore.

The “maids” was referring to the large contingent of domestic helpers in the city-state. The post, which has been taken down, drew widespread scorn, prompting Eng to issue a public apology on Facebook. While HighBlood announced that the app would go into public beta last Friday, Eng said it hit a hurdle when it was rejected by Apple’s App Store moderators because of what he called a “technicality.

The app moderator, Eng said, had deemed a submitted screenshot of HighBlood users voting on newcomers “too objectifying,” but noted that the same principle is used in other dating apps.

Raising Race-Conscious Kids: Two Mamas Share Their Experience with Racism in Singapore

Yet this historical study of primary school English textbooks from the s to the present reveals that since the beginning of the s they have been systemically designed in such a way that they evoke high levels of racial consciousness, and at their worst have displayed a pro-Chinese bias that has deprived non-Chinese children of inspiring role models. This study helps to explain the results of recent sociological research that has cast doubt on the effectiveness of the Singapore education system as an instrument for promoting racial harmony.

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Because it typecasts an entire group – several hundred thousand of them – as lacking in personal hygiene, on the basis of their background, because they all come from backward countries,” he said in an interview with Lianhe Zaobao on Friday Apr Mr Shanmugam also said that the letter is xenophobic and deeply insensitive, and reflected a “lack of understanding of why we have this transmission of COVID amongst our foreign worker population”.

Singapore has seen a spike in its number of COVID cases in recent weeks, with the majority of new cases involving foreign workers from dormitories. On Friday, Singapore reported new infections , of which were linked to foreign worker dormitories. Kranji Lodge 1 on Saturday became the 13th foreign worker dormitory to be gazetted an isolation area, meaning residents will have to be quarantined in their rooms.

To date, more than 3, of Singapore’s 5, cases are attributed to foreign worker domitories.

How civic tech can fix Singapore’s social gaps

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Singapore Man Fined, Sentenced to 4 Weeks in Jail for Making Racist India.​com App to four weeks in jail and fined 1, Singapore dollars for racist remarks insulting an Published Date: July 27, PM IST.

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Singapore woman hurls racist insults at 24-year-old lawyer from India on Tinder, unprovoked

Read also: ‘The man I’ve been dating is nice, but he bores me’. He said: “In Singapore, there is a certain racial preference when it comes to dating – we are merely responding to honest feedback that respondents have given us. Does having a racial preference in considering a life partner make one racist? That person will then have to go through a “covenant”, which is made up of five random existing users of the app.

This isn’t to say that HighBlood, the elitist, xenophobic dating app (that Or does this simply articulate what a large proportion of Singaporean.

An elitist, racist dating app is making waves in Singapore — and its founder is defending it vehemently. Herbert Eng is calling his app HighBlood. It promises to filter people based on “accountant-verified information” covering income, profession, and university education. A week ago, it made a Facebook post advertising itself. In the text, it says the app promises “quality”, and specifies that it will exclude “banglas”, “maids”, and “uglies. I have no words. The term “banglas” is a racist term for the Bangladeshi migrant workers in Singapore.

As of last year, there were , construction workers here. There are also a sizable number of domestic helpers , at around ,, who come from neighbouring countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar. We reached out to Eng, who said via email that HighBlood was meant to evoke a “ruling class trope popular in Korean drama shows,” as well as point to a “vampire high society [or] elite cabal. He added that the app’s offensive stance is meant to “violate norms regarding political correctness.

On the backlash his advert has received, Eng said: “We are not racist because science has conclusively proven that genetically In an earlier Medium post he made in December, Eng said his app would allow filtering by “prestigious schools.

Am I Racist If I’ve Never Dated Outside Of My Race?

Apple is highlighting ways to “make a difference in standing up to racism” in the App Store with a feature promoting “apps to engage and stay informed. As America’s most popular mobile platform, Apple’s iPhone App Store is recognizing the power of smartphones to shift perceptions , to inform, and to take action on issues ranging from protests and police brutality to recognizing the contribution of Black developers.

Third parties are also certainly noting the impact of mobile apps and smartphones. On June first, Motherboard highlighted that police scanner apps were gaining broad popularity in downloads.

The platform has attempted to better police the app’s rampant racism and harmful behavior through its Kindr anti-bullying initiative. Follow me on.

Singapore: A Singaporean man of Chinese origin was sentenced to four weeks in jail and fined 1, Singapore dollars for racist remarks insulting an Indian national working at the Changi airport. William Aw Chin Chai 47 had also stepped on and hurt a foot of a woman, who had held a lift door open for him, and had splashed noodles on two men at the Singtel Shop Comcentre in separate incidents, reported Channel News Asia.

He pleaded guilty to the charges of wounding racial feelings, using criminal force and voluntarily causing hurt on Friday. A fourth charge for stealing four mineral water bottles from a food court was taken into consideration. The court heard that Aw was jobless when he committed those offences on three different occasions last year. On August 3, he was in a lift at Changi Airport Terminal 2 when the victim, year-old Indian national Ramachandiran Umapathy, entered the lift.

The construction worker was at the airport to perform installation works for the MRT metro tunnel. The Indian had also filmed the exchange and posted it on the Facebook page of the Singapore Police Force. The video was later picked up by other pages and went viral. Ramachandiran had also lodged a police report. More than a month since the incident, Aw was eating at the Singtel Comcentre along Exeter Road when he picked up a plastic bowl of noodle soup, walked over to two unidentified men and splashed it at them.

In January last year, Aw injured a woman who had held a lift door open for him as he was rushing in.

In Online Dating, Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist