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You can obtain a copy of either paper from Rebeats www. February 8, I collected my 2,th Ludwig main line drum with both a serial number and a date stamp today. This effort started just over eight years ago, so that means I am averaging just a bit under one drum a day to the list of drums which help demonstrate the relationship between the two features. I have gathered information from over 11, main line drums during that span, to allow additional investigation of how different characteristics evolved over time. That averages to 3. December Added draft of paper looking into the reasons that US drum manufacturers instituted serial numbers in the s and s. It was apparently not in response to a law or regulation as many believe. Now at reports. August 4, I continue to gather information. Current totals: Gretsch – 7, total, 3, Round Badge Ludwig – 10, total, with date stamps and serial numbers, with Date Codes Ludwig Standard – total, with date stamps and serial numbers, 42 with Date Codes Slingerland – 68 with serial numbers and date stamps yes, I track Slingerland also People continue to provide incorrect information about their drums when offering them for sale.

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Indeed, there was nothing conventional about Buddy Rich. On the drums, he simply went places that no one else could go. For sure, he knew the value of dazzling an audience. But Buddy also understood the value of hard work, and he was notorious for the demands he put on himself and on the players in his bands. Ultimately, it was his loyalty to the music and to the concept of greatness that drove him.

Even though he was paid historically well early in his career, later he risked his savings, his friendships, and even his health taking the music—his music—to the people.

Keep Checking Back, and I’ll keep Up-Dating as I get “The New Old Stuff”. Here’s What I’ve Got ‘s Slingerland Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum. “Sold”.

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The History of the Slingerland Drum Company. Initially, only ukuleles, banjos and guitars were made. Drum production began in Slingerland advertisement in a May music trade magazine. Slingerland May-Bell Banjo.

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Welcome to the History of Slingerland Drums section of the web site. From here you should be able to gather information to determine what slingerland drums you have and what year they were made. What you might not know if you are new to vintage drums is that manufacturers did not keep accurate serial number records.

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Remember Me? What’s New? Page 7 of 18 First Last Jump to page: Results to of Thread: Slingerland Drums Discussion. Re: Slingerland Drums Discussion. Well I would’nt necessary call it a problem more of disappointment. My badge number is like in , and it means that my snare was made in the 80 not in the 70’s like the seller told me. At the time I was not aware of the Slingerland webpage on the badge numbers and years of production. If you read more it also says that Slingerland where just hand picking numbers out of pail so they are not too accurate with the years.

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Drums form the essential rhythm and backbone for all types of music, including rock, jazz, country, pop, and classical. You’ll find complete vintage drum sets as well as individual pieces to round out your set on eBay. Yesterday’s drum sets were simple and small compared to today’s elaborate sets. They typically included three pieces 3 pc or four pieces 4 pc , but can sometimes have five pieces 5 pc similar to today’s basic drum sets. Read vintage drum listings carefully and examine accompanying photos to determine what comes with a vintage drum set.

Some vintage drum sets only include drums while others come with everything you need to play. Be prepared to buy vintage ride cymbals , vintage crash cymbals , vintage hi-hat cymbals , vintage cymbal stands straight and boom , vintage hi-hat stands , vintage drum stands , vintage drum thrones, vintage drum pedals , vintage drum rims , and vintage drum mounts separately.

Single vintage snare drums , vintage bass drums , and vintage toms are easier to find than complete vintage drum sets. Vintage snare drums are probably the most plentiful type of vintage drum. After all, drummers always like to have more than one snare. Study up on which vintage drums are most in demand and learn how to evaluate key drum features before you buy. To determine the value of vintage drums:.

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Slingerland is a US manufacturer of drums. The company was founded in and enjoyed several decades of prominence in the industry before the s. After ceasing operation in the early s, Slingerland was acquired by Gibson , who briefly revived it and owned it until November of , before selling Slingerland to DW Drums , who have announced the intention of re-launching the brand.

Again, Rob Cook’s books are the “go to” references for those classic vintage drums, primarily from the ’60’s. He also is the promoter of the largest drum show in the.

This new division became operational in The concept can be attributed to George Way, although Way was not responsible for the final engineering which proved to be lacking, and the line was a spectacular and expensive failure. Knob Tension drums were discontinued within a year. The Ludwig family got the Ludwig name back, and Slingerland purchased rights to the Leedy name.

Ludwig and Slingerland spent weeks going through the plant to debate the division of tools, equipment, and inventory. Slingerland tried to introduce Leedy as a second line. They wanted to sell Slingerland drums to the top dealer in each town, and Leedy to the secondary dealers, leaving Ludwig the third-tier dealers. That plan did not work out. Except for a new lug design and badge, the Leedy drums that were produced by Slingerland from to were basically Slingerland drums.

Slingerland quietly discontinued Leedy production and use of the name in the mid s. The Slingerland family sold the drum company in in what was to become the first of numerous ownership shifts over the next 25 years. Each time, the purchase agreement included the Leedy name, patents, trademarks, and parts. Each time, that is, until Fred Gretsch sold Slingerland to the Gibson company in

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